The texts are mostly inspired by Osho and Anthony Robbins

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Mentor, leader and entrepreneur

Impossible is possible
for determined people

Create yourself
or find yourself

Performers follow convention.
High performers break from it...

dozadu dopředu

Do you want to take
a risk and free yourself of problems?

Change is nothing more than a decision. All decisions are controlled by what we associate with pain and pleasantness.

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End this game.
Free your inner strength!

Throughout your life since childhood you have played these games; showing who is taller, quicker and smarter...

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Learn from
the best!

The event of the year for many participants from Bohemia, Slovakia and Poland was a visit to the Anthony Robbins workshop in London...

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with Robert Zagozdzon


All my interests relate to my greatest passion – discovering and cultivating human potential. Everything I do must have a deeper...

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From the social networks

Osho Leela Centre

You will find the key to your inner self at the Osho Leela Personal Development Centre

If we want to learn to understand life better, self-discovery is the first necessary step towards attaining this goal. In the light of the above mentioned, businessman and coach Robert Zagozdzon decided to support the establishment and development of the Osho Leela Personal Development Centre. The Osho Leela Centre situated in north Bohemia in the town of Veselí is designed for everyone looking for a spiritual road to integrity and adequacy...

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